Fix Property Damage from Invading Wildlife

Critter Removal Service Evans Maintenance not only safely and humanely removes unwanted animals and rodents from your home, but we also repair the damage they cause so that other animals will not try to make your home theirs in the future.

In addition to making a mess of your attic, it is likely that pests entered into your home by damaging the interior and exterior of your home. In general, rodents will chew holes just big enough for them to get through. Depending on where the holes are, they can become problematic during rain and snow storms, letting water seep into your home. They can also lead the way for other pests to enter your home.

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Knowledgeable and Thorough Inspections for Damage

Once we have ensured all animals are gone from your home, we inspect for damages and suggest long-term solutions to protect against their return. We know exactly where to search for the damages caused by rodents, and we are incredibly thorough with our inspection.

Using the strongest materials in the industry, we work to ensure animals won’t enter through the same spots as before. We also use deterrent sprays to keep animals away from your home.